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Dubrovnik Summer Festival





Opening Night

10 July





Gala Concert

11 July






Special Note:  José Cura will be available on 13 July to autograph copies of his photography book.












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The Fourth Tenor of the World Arrived in Zagreb


08.07. 2016.

World famous tenor José Cura arrived in Zagreb to rehearsals with a Symphony Orchestra of Croatian Radio and television on the eve of the show at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival

José Cura, "fourth tenor" of the world as he is often called referring to the famous "Three Tenors, will perform in Dubrovnik in the opening ceremony of the festival on 10 July as a tenor and as a conductor.  The next day he will perform at a gala concert with Slovakian soprano Linda Ballovu, singing the most beautiful aria from Otello and several Spanish songs.

But first is the rehearsal in Zagreb with the Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra. The audience eagerly awaits his performance because he’s not just an Argentinean opera star but also a trained conductor and composer, opera director, a brilliant artist and a natural showman who uses top-quality music to entertain and educate the audience.











The 67th Dubrovnik Summer Festival’s music programme will open by the world famous tenor, José Cura, whom music critics often call “the fourth tenor”, alluding to The Three Tenors. At the Opening Ceremony directed by Ivan Miladinov, he will appear as both conductor and singer, while the following day – on 11 July – he will perform some of the finest operatic arias with the soprano Linda Ballova and the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra conducted by maestro Mladen Tarbuk in the gala concert taking place in front of St Blaise's Church.


José Cura became world famous for his intense and original interpretations of opera characters, including the role of Otello from Verdi’s opera of the same name. The brilliant tenor will perform several arias from this opera for the Dubrovnik audience: the Love Duet from Act 1, the realisation of Desdemona’s betrayal, and the moment Otello dies next to the body of his beloved. The programme also includes Blagoje Bersa’s symphonic poem Hamlet, his first orchestral piece intended to portray the state of mind and soul of the tragic hero from Shakespeare’s namesake play. Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy composed his suite A Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired by Shakespeare’s comedy of the same name. The Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra will perform the Wedding March from this suite, conjuring up the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. The second part of the programme will bring a breath of the Spanish and Latin American culture. After Manuel de Falla’s Ritual Fire Dance and two pieces by Astor Piazzolla, Cura will perform three songs by Armando Manzanero, an exceptionally prolific and successful Mexican composer, whose songs translated into English and performed by great singers such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Elvis Presley became chart-toppers in the USA.

Gala concert will take place in front of St. Blaise's Church on Monday, 11 July, starting at 9:30 pm, but the versatile artist José Cura has prepared yet another treat for the festival audience. Apart from his successful career of a tenor, conductor and composer, José Cura is also a talented photographer. In his book Espontáneas, he presented his fascinating photos, which will be exhibited in Sponza Palace starting from 13 July.





Concert 2016 Dubrovnik Gala Concert Press release

The Dubrovnik Summer Festival will traditionally be opened on July 10th, starting at 21 pm in front of St. Blaise Church. With Hymn to Freedom, the festival will raise the Libertas flag for the 67th time. After exclaiming ''Let them in!'' and all the way until 25th of August, the twenty locations in Dubrovnik will become a meeting place for almost 2,000 artists from around the world with an international audience of about 60,000 local and foreign visitors.

Opening Ceremony screenplay is signed by Mani Gotovac and is directed by Ivan Miladinov. Festival Drama Ensemble consists of Nikola Baće as Master of Ceremonies, Dragan Despot, Boris Svrtan, Doris Šarić Kukuljica, Nikša Butijer, Pjer Meničanin, Anđela Ramljak, Anja Đurinović and Olga Pakalović. Folklore Ensemble Linđo that celebrates its’ 50 summers at the Festival, Kolarin Theatre Group, Ballet Department of Art School "Luka Sorkočević", Dance Studio "Lazareti" will also be a part of the Opening Ceremony. The music will be performed by the Symphony Orchestra of Croatian Radio and Television, alongside the "Ivan Goran Kovačić" Academic Choir, Dubrovnik Chamber Choir and Libertas Choir.

Prologue from the Pagliacci opera will be performed by the guest of honor of the City of Dubrovnik, tenor, conductor, composer and photographer - José Cura, who will, with maestro Mladen Tarbuk, perform in the role of conductor. In the singing role, he will be joined by tenor Cristian Suriani and soprano Iliana Korać Teklić and Linda Ballova. She will also perform with Maestro Cura the next day, July 11 at the Gala Concert.

The Opening Ceremony will be preceded by the General Rehearsal day earlier, on Saturday July 9 at midnight. This rehearsal is a traditional event for all the people of Dubrovnik.








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The musical program 67 Dubrovnik Summer Festival, as well as a whole new festival season, opens with a big name - tenor José Cura will perform at the opening ceremony as a conductor and singer and then the next day, July 11, he will appear in front of St. Blaise in full glory tenor.  At the gala concert with Cura will be the young Slovakian soprano Linda Ballova ; they perform with the Croatian Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Mladena Tarbuka.

José Cura is world famous owing to his strong and original interpretations of opera roles, especially notably being the role of Otello in Verdi's opera of the same name, from which the brilliant tenor will perform several arias for Dubrovnik audience - a love duet from the first act, discovering Desdemona’s faithlessness and death during which he falls beside his loved one.  The concert opened with the Symphony HRT playing the Wedding March from the Midsummer Night's Dream Suite by Felix Mendelssohn, a composition inspired by the theater production of Shakespeare's comedy, originally based on the wedding Theseus and granddaughter.  On the program is a symphonic poem Hamlet by Blagoje Bersa, his earliest orchestral work in which he wanted to evoke moments of drama and agony of the great hero of the eponymous Shakespearean drama.  The continuation of the evening brings a touch of Spanish and Latin American culture.  After the Ritual Fire Dance by Manuel de Falla and two compositions by Astor Piazzolla, Cura will perform three songs by Armando Manzanera, the extremely prolific and successful Mexican author, whose lyrics have been translated in English and performed by giants such as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Elvis Presley in the United States.

The gala concert will take place in front of St.  Blaise on Monday, 11 July at 21:30 pm but the versatile artist José Cura has prepared another treat for the festival audience.  In addition to his successful career as a tenor, conductor and composer, José Cura is a talented photographer.  His book Espontáneas showcases his fascinating photos will be part of the festival program as of July 13.







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Summer fun -  below are screen grabs designed to show the expressiveness of José Cura.

Besides being totally engaged in the discussion, Cura is animated, present, and involved.  What a great exchange!




























































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