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José Cura has a announced a new performance!








Concert:  New Year










Congratulations to José Cura on his latest Recognition






Important Message from José Cura!

September 2017



Concerning the Andrea Chénier at the Colón....


Google translate:


I am informed by various means that there is a great concern in Buenos Aires that I would have demanded, by CONTRACT, that the final duo of Andrea Chenier be dropped half-tone.

I want to inform by this means that such rumor is not true and that the work will be sung in its original tone.

Please broadcast.

José Cura





A slightly different take on the same sentiment....





August 2017



English Version

(not a direct translation)






Celebrating the 4 legged Curas.......



March 2017


Now Available








Now Available!  José Cura on iTunes



February 2017

Official Website Update




Visit the revised website at




Instagram Announcement








December 2016




The Bohemians Return to Stockholm!

“A roaring success…” – Financial Times


“Imaginative, with good humor and a lot of charm….” SvD


     “Nordic Bohemians convinces…”  SvD







First Wagner - February 2017

Sung in French



General Population Tickets go on sale in September

Info Page:  Click Here














José Cura is Peter Grimes

Bonn - May - July 2017

A José Cura Production

(note:  José Cura will not perform the title role in June performances)



Tickets Now Available

Info Page:  Click Here

Web Site appears to be in German only








November 2016


October 2016

Creditors Available in US as of 20 October 2016

Release in Europe to follow




August 2016






    Such sad news: Daniela Dessi--the brilliant soprano who worked with José many times through her long and distinguished career and always with elegance and exquisite vocalism--has died after a brief illness. Our sympathies to her family and all who loved her.

    Rest in Peace, Daniela Dessě

    (May 14, 1957 – August 20, 2016)




June 2016


The Bohemians Return to Stockholm!

“A roaring success…” – Financial Times


“Imaginative, with good humor and a lot of charm….” SvD


     “Nordic Bohemians convinces…”  SvD





Watch the original cast and José Cura discuss the opera and production




May 2016


For those who are wondering about Forza del Destino in Wiesbaden, I am sorry to inform that I had to cancel my presence there.

The reason has nothing to do with artistic problem or a contractual disagreement. On the contrary, not only the theater has been very helpful and understanding --for what I am deeply thankful--, but also it is very sad for me having to lose the chance of singing with my stage brother, Carlos Alvarez. I have been looking forward to dress again don Álv...aro's costume, but this is not going to happen this time.

I cannot yet tell the motivations behind the cancellations of not only Wiesbaden, but also everything else in May, so I beg for your understanding and respect.

Peace and Love!



February 2016



Yesterday's concert was one of those that will not be forgotten quickly, maybe never. Both choirs have sung like real devil/angels, Maria Bisso, soprano, casted a dreamt Virgin Mary and the orchestra delivered a stunning performance both in my Magnificat and in the huge Rachmaninov's Second Symphony. Thanks a lot to everybody involved in these two great performances, from the administration to the last of the artists on stage, passing through the caring help of the backstage crew!

See you in October, dear FOK!



José Cura Web Site

José Cura Official Facebook

FOK (web)

FOK FaceBook


Photo by Martin Klimanek





This week on José Cura's Official Facebook (FB) page, Maestro led a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of using Vimeo to host his video archives over posting them on FB.  Friends and fans weighed in and in the end, Maestro decided to continue to use Vimeo:  it consolidates the videos and allows for a higher quality than available on FB. 

More about the Vimeo thing...

All your answers confirm what I thought. THANKS A LOT!

CONCLUSION: I will follow Anna Tralala's advice of waiting long before taking a decision. But it is more likely that the best way to solve this is a combination of all your comments:

- Posting in Vimeo, then putting a link in FB for you to know it has been posted, together with a short video of the first minutes of what you can find in Vimeo. In that way, you can watch in FB what is about, and decide if it worth the "effort" of going to Vimeo for more. Also, when many videos will be posted, you will have the chance of having all of them together in one place, instead of having to dig down in FB time line to find them.

What do you think?

Let me know more!!!





Historic!  First European Concert - Genoa, June 1991

What a difference a few years makes in a developing voice!  Thanks to Maestro Cura for sharing the first steps in the making of a legend.





February 11 - 17




February 23-28



Support Platform


March 15-20







A new photo album in Flicker:


(Viewer discretion is advised. Contents pornography)


 (And don't forget to click in the pictures to read the texts!)




I am proudly sharing with you the prize just received from the Catalan Basket Federation: the highest honor this association gives to a personality that has been part of their crusade to make sports part of everyday's life, working not only with remarkable professionals like the Gasol brothers, but also, and mainly, being active part in educating the youth.





OTELLO IN SALZBURG, performances March 19th and 27th

It is a coproduction between Dresden and Salzburg, which premier will be held in Salzburg Easter Festival, before going back to Germany.











January 2016


Maestro Cura Returns to the Podium!

Prague Residency








Check out the Norma Video at José Cura's Vimeo Site





 José Cura (official)

January 15 at 11:48am ·


Videos will start to be uploaded, slowly but steadily. In the meanwhile, enjoy this "appetizer" which, in a way, represents what's going to be the spirit of JCTV: A RETROSPECTIVE OF MY CAREER, A CHRONOLOGY OF MY DEVELOPMENT AS AN ARTIST, FROM DAY ONE IN EUROPE ON...

I hope you will love it as much as I do!






José Cura (official)

January 2 at 2:25pm ·

Hello! Informing that the FLICKR tab is on now. You can enjoy my book ESPONTANEAS on line.

Pictures are, of course, in fairly low resolution and (sorry) with a huge center watermark. Unfortunately, it is the only way of surely protecting copyright nowadays as it is not enough anymore just with the metadata. But if there is a consensus that adds many likes on one file, I will post higher versions of the chosen picture in our Facebook wall.  I suggest you go to the Flickr website (link under) to enjoy a better watching experience.




December 2015



A Tough Dance /  Cuibar Production




Creditors will screen at the Anchorage International Film Festival in ‪#‎Alaska, December 4-13.










Tickets are now on sale:




A wonderful reminder of José Cura in Concert!

(video uploaded by José Cura)




Advance Planning - José Cura, Conductor



Conducted by José Cura for the first time!

Date: 2016.April 23, Saturday, 19:00

Location:: AUDI Arena Győr

An opera concert performance of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death with music by the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by José Cura.  The main roles will be sung by Christian Juslin, Gabrielle Philiponett and Piero Terranova.

Love, envy and jealousy, human evil and human frailty: there is no such dramatic extremes and truer expression of the immortal Shakespeare who died 400 years ago.  The presentation is unique in that the conductor's podium this time is one who is legendary in shaping the title role, hugely admired as a Hungarian public's favorite, the world-famous singer and conductor, José Cura.



Phone: 031 590 08 13










July 2015


José Cura Educates his Critics

Please follow the discussion on José Cura's Facebook Page


In response to an inane, inaccurate review, Maestro Cura has elected to use facts to correct the record. 


Note:  these two entries appeared as automated translations on Maestro Cura's Web Page




Congratulations on Maestro José Cura's Latest Award!





The Nation’s Senate Distinguishes Tenor José Cura

 [Note that the following in a computer generated translation and should be used as a guide only!]

At the initiative of Senator Giustiniani, the upper House will bestow the award “Merit of Honor Senator Domingo Faustino Sarmiento” to the Rosario artist in “recognition of his long professional career in our country and in the world.”

 The Rosario tenor, conductor, and composer José Cura will receive the highest distinction awarded by the National Senate on Monday, 6 July, at 1800 in a ceremony that will take place in Salón Illia del Palacio Legislativo.

The initiative is promoted by the Socialist Senator Rubén Giustiniani and stands among its fundamental training and background.  José Cura is considered “one of the most complete artists of the new generation, cheered by the public foundations and acclaimed by the critics wherever he performs, his brilliant career elevating him the highest levels of the international operatic circuit.”

José Cura, born in Rosario in 1962, his musical training began early when he studied guitar, conducting, composition, and singing, then perfected the latter discipline in the city of Buenos Aires.  From 1984 to 1988 works in one of the professional chorus of the Teatro Colón.  In 1991, he moved to Europe where he continues to refine his style of singing and conducts keynote presentations and interpretations.

The Honorable Mention “Senator Domingo Faustino Sarmiento” comes from the hear 2004 based on a proposal by a senator, and it constitutes the highest honor given by the Honorable Senate of the Nation to national or legalized individuals from culture, sports, professions, or academics for entrepreneurial work to improve the quality of life for their peers, institutions, and communities.

In 2013, Giustiniani delivered this Honorable Mention to the Veterans of the Malvinas and to more than 800 firefighters and 100 fire departments in the provinces of Sante Fe, Buenos Aires and Entre Rios for the tragedy of Salta 2141 de Rosario.  In 2006, he also honored comedian and writer Roberto Fontanarrosa.





This is a lovely sentiment from Zurich, a venue we loved because it loved José Cura;  then they changed management and direction and....sadness.

But if you have any doubts at all about the man that is José Cura, then read the words of this co-worker and believe in the kindness of soul and generosity of spirit of this great artist.


Zurich, we miss going to see José Cura in your lovely opera house!






"Throw back Wednesday . Uwe and I had one liners in Pagliacci with the incredibly generous and talented Jose Cura a few years back. He always grabbed us at the curtain call to join him for a bow. He is a thrilling performer, both as a singer and as an actor. He is also one of the nicest, most generous stars I have met. Miss him very much ... "— with Christopher Hux, Uwe Kosser and José Cura.









June 2015


Teatro Colón



Cura on the Radio










Cura on the Radio


















La Bohčme!

Such a creative approach!  Who could doubt that Maestro Cura would come up with such a unique concept and apply a modern twist so seamlessly to a traditional opera.  And the best news ever~


The premiere broadcast live on Swedish Radio P2.

La Bohčme broadcast live in cinemas November 28, 2015.

Well, not in the US, I assume, because we never get any of the really good stuff.  For us, we will have to settle for a broadcast but what good is sound if there is no vision?  In this case, the staging is what is going to make this production remarkable and memorable.  Please, someone, make it available as a DVD!









In Memoriam

We send our sympathies to the family of  Sergio Renan and to all his friend and fellow artists. 

From José Cura's official website: 


Today, one day before my departure to Buenos Aires to start the rehearsals of Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci, Segio Renan, one of the most important Argentinean directors has died. Aged 82, Sergio Renan leaves behind a legacy of great movies (La tregua was the first Argentinean film to be nominated for an Oscar) and amazing theater productions. I can count myself among the lucky ones who have ever worked with Mr Renan as, no less than 31 years ago, I did my first operatic role ever (one single phrase in Manon by Massenet), directed by him at the Teatro Colón. RIP dear Sergio.



New Performance Date

Saturday 28 November 2015

Turandot 2015

Mannheim, Germany

Line-up: José Cura

Mannheim, Germany



View Official Calendar






May 2015


New Performance Date

Saturday 28 November 2015

Turandot 2015

Mannheim, Germany

Line-up: José Cura

Mannheim, Germany



View Official Calendar





October Concerts




MAURICE RAVEL Pavane for a Dead Princess

JOSÉ CURA, If I die, Live on! (World premiere of the orchestral version)

JEAN SIBELIUS's Symphony No. 1 in e minor, op. 39

José CURA | the voice of Pablo Neruda

Zlata ADAMOVSKÁ | the voice of Matilda Nerudové


Pietari INKINEN | conductor

José Cura is presented here not only as a singer but also as a composer, in this case, of the musical-literary drama If I die, Live on! based on the verses of Pablo Neruda’s one hundred sonnets about love.





February Concerts






JOSÉ CURA Magnificat

SERGEI RACHMANINOFF's Symphony No. 2 in e minor, op. 27

Dagmar PECKOVÁ | mezzo-soprano


Lukáš VASILEK | Chorus master


Jiri SKOPAL | Chorus master


José CURA | conductor

Il tramonto (1914) sets Shelley's The Sunset as a "lyric poem" for mezzo-soprano and string quartet

In February 2016, José Cura will stand in front of our Orchestra as conductor and chorus master. José In addition, Cura will conduct one of his favorite composers, Sergei Rachmaninov as well as his own Magnificat, which he wrote in 1988, long before he became famous.






Next Year in Győr  -  Maestro Cura Conducts Otello!



José Cura: "Yesterday Night was a Massage for my Soul”

Alexandra Zoljánszky

Photo: Gábor Marcali

4 May  2015

 translated by Zsuzsanna Suba

"After a night of love, the most important thing is the next morning," said José Cura on Monday referring to the great success of the super concert of Sunday in Győr, in a press conference held at the home of the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. The Argentine tenor had such a great time in our city that next year he will also perform here, but this time he won’t sing.

"Beyond that, that we had a great concert yesterday, it also became evident that the new multifunctional hall of Győr, the Audi Arena is not only suitable for sports programs, but it can also be used to fill it with high culture," emphasized Géza Fűke, the director of Győr Philharmonic Orchestra. He added that the orchestra had play in front of two thousand people so far in Győr, but on Sunday night, however, they were able to reach 3500 people in this new location.

The leaders of the orchestra also gave a taste from the next season of the orchestra during the press conference they held with José Cura. It was said that in the next season the musicians will prove, that classical music can be fun, entertaining and it can be consumed by anyone. Géza Fűke revealed that they would like to reach as many young people as possible in the next season.

"Serious and boring are not synonymous words, classical music is very serious, but it is not boring at all!" began José Cura, who said that the orchestra of Győr aims at doing the same thing as he does, namely to gain joy to the audience.

"The composers were cheerful people, but we play Mozart or Bach in a serious way, though Bach had 21 children ...We should talk about these in regarding to classical music, if we want to bring it to young people, since they are also very much alive artists!" he pointed out and he continued: "What we have created yesterday night, it was not only a beautiful moment of music, but it was also a great moment of the orchestra. That kind of relationship which was formed among the orchestra, me and the conductor could be called as a really special relationship, and the audience was smiling, and this is our mission. I can only congratulate the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra, and I am glad to be part of their next season, too," he stated and added that during the 30 years of his career he did what he had to, and now he only deals with those things what he likes. "This concert also belonged to this message and yesterday night was a massage for my soul."

He also revealed that next year he is not going to sing, but he performs as a conductor with the Győr Philharmonic Orchestra; he will conduct Verdi’s Otello [in the Audi Arena, in a concert]. "We have to prepare the new generation of singers. Great young people will do their debut here, I will be the only old pirate on board, and it is a double pleasure for me that we will perform on the Shakespeare’s anniversary, who was one of the most humorous man,” he said, since the production will take place on the 400th anniversary of the death of the English playwright, on 23 April of 2016.

"It was one of the most memorable concerts of my life on Sunday,” said conductor Kálmán Berkes, the artistic director of the orchestra and he added that he was confident that José Cura’s production of next season will also be sensational, where the Argentine star will be the manager.

 He emphasized, that guest conductors are very important; in addition to Cura, other stars will conduct the orchestra of Győr such as Zoltán Kocsis, Gilbert Varga and Kenichiro Kobayashi. The season program expands from Bach to Bartók and the works of contemporary artists can be also heard by the audience.

Dávid Fekete, Vice Mayor, highlighted at the press conference that they dared to dream big, and the multi-functional hall was built, which can also serve the culture next to the sport. Speaking about the next season he said, that is important that the orchestra think about young people as well, and their young soloists can receive special role too. "The Győr Philharmonic Orchestra represents a serious part in the cultural life, and not only in our city but also outside of the country's borders. The local government of course will continue to provide all the support to the orchestra," he emphasized in the end.

We will report about the 2015/2016 season in more detail to our readers. The photos of the concert of Sunday can be seen in our photo gallery which was made by Péter O. Jakócs. [].







Conducting Mahler's Second Symphony is an intellectual and spiritual experience comparable to conduct Bach's mass in Si minor or Beethoven's 9th Symphony: you are not the same after. That is why to remain "simple and humble" as my friend the great Italian conductor, Daniele Gatti said once talking about Mahler, is a very important attitude when having to perform such a master piece. I am so eagerly looking forward to it than I can hardly wait.

 On top of that, to think that same evening we will be inaugurating the Ady Sari Festival makes me very proud: with the very sad international depression in everything that affects culture in particular and education in general, these kind of events gives me hope and makes me feel my job still worths the effort of not giving up! -- José Cura



It seems that Hungary TV will broadcast the amazing crossover concert Maestro José Cura and Andrea Mahó hosted in February.  We think (but aren't sure) it will be streamed over the internet.  Just in case it is, here's the specifics:


When:  11 May

Time:  2230 Budapest time

Where:  Duna TV



Dare we hope for a DVD to someday become available?  Fingers crossed......


Thanks so much to the José Cura Hungarian Fan Club, and especially Mihályfi Gabi, for this inforamtion!



April 2015


Artist in Residence




As a Resident Artist, my commitment with the orchestra is to do 3 concerts a year: one as singer of non operatic repertoire (chamber, etc), and two as conductor of symphonic programs, included one Czech premiere a year of one of my compositions.

I am really looking forward to 3 years of great music making!!!

Only one thing should be clear as I don't want anybody to feel betrayed: out of THREE commitments a year, only ONE is singing and not even opera. The rest of them are as a composer and a conductor, plus extraordinary activities as a pedagogue.  I hope this makes no difference for you...







Conducting Mahler's Second Symphony is an intellectual and spiritual experience comparable to conduct Bach's mass in Si minor or Beethoven's 9th Symphony: you are not the same after. That is why to remain "simple and humble" as my friend the great Italian conductor, Daniele Gatti said once talking about Mahler, is a very important attitude when having to perform such a master piece. I am so eagerly looking forward to it than I can hardly wait.

 On top of that, to think that same evening we will be inaugurating the Ady Sari Festival makes me very proud: with the very sad international depression in everything that affects culture in particular and education in general, these kind of events gives me hope and makes me feel my job still worths the effort of not giving up! -- José Cura




March 2015



Support José Cura's Latest Initiative!



(Read the post in the Welcome Page of my website and, if you like the idea, share it with as many friends as possible, possibly translating this "opening post" to your own language and posting the translation in FB so that as many people as possible can jump on board our brand new "literary boat"!)

Peace & Love!...





March 1, 2015

 Empecemos un viaje literario juntos... 

Let's start a literary trip together... 

Iniziamo un viaggio letterario insieme...

Commençons un voyage littéraire  ensemble...  


I have always dreamt about sharing with you my literary creations. Some of them are just short, "Snack thoughts", like quotes, some others more on the "Essays" side, like brief studies on a subject. But also some of my writing you till don't know are real novels written long the years. 

For the moment, and until I find a better way of making this page a more fluid reality, I have opened a BLOG in my web site (you can access through the BLOG tag in the header).

Initially you will find my texts just in Spanish. The reason for this is that this BLOG pretends to have a really "high literary level" and for such I need to write in my own language. Of course, you are not only welcome but prayed to translate my posts into as many languages as you may like, pasting your translations in the Comments Place. You can even, start an exchange between readers of a same language in order to polish together one unique perfect translation of each tex. Once that translation will be perfectly achieved (and for that I will have to take your word in those languages I don't speak at all), I will paste the final text in the main BLOG section. This kind of interaction would be really great and, ultimately, the goal of this section: TO SHARE HIGH THOUGHTS IN AND EQUALLY HIGH SEMANTIC LEVEL.

Welcome, then, to this new adventure.



PS: Of course, you can also make comments on the "contents" not only in the BLOG page, but also in Facebook.





February 2015



Visit José Cura's Official Web Site

Click on the photo.....



I take the chance offered by Monica Menconi's kind comment to my post about the Budapest concert, to stop and meditate.

Monica says: Beautiful words because they show you more open and vulnerable, and it is not bad because you have always caused a different impression. It should always be like this, no? But I know, it is not always possible.

This is a very interesting comment as it applies to all of us. In my experience of a man of 52 years of age, which are not 80, but still they are not few, I have learned that each of us (me the first), see the others through the glass of his own degree of personal fulfillment. The "insecure ones" see those who are not as "arrogant", while those who are "confident" see those who are "solid" not only as a guaranty of professionalism, but as the "person they would like to have around in case of troubles".

How many times we have given opinions of someone we don't know (but we think we do), saying "he is this or that"? We do it unconsciously (almost), using as "unit to measure" our own "pending matters with life". Normal and human; sweet even, if not because one thing is to think something and keep it for yourself and another one (it happens often) is to shout our opinion out from the roof tops.

This is not the case, don't get me wrong (on the contrary, I am flattered by Monica's words), but how much damage baseless opinions do, when we spread them out shamelessly? The famous "feathers dropped to the wind" of the parable which, once disseminated, no one can manage to gather back...

"Open and Vulnerable" are not synonyms to "Improvised and Unprotected...". In my work, I have always been the first. Never the second.

A kiss to everyone!

(Translations to as many languages as possible are very much appreciated. THANK YOU)



Visit José Cura's Official Web Site

Click on the photo.....


Leaving Budapest after such a beautiful concert last night that some people say it was one of the best ever since I come to Budapest! They exaggerate, of course, as I recall many great concerts here in the near past, but I understand why th[e]y say it: it is not so usual to see me on stage happy and relaxed, just enjoying the fact of doing music without secondary worries. And the reason is simple: I have rarely been surrounded by such amount of musicianship, talent, genius, all on one stage at the same time. The rock band, the conductor, the fabulous orchestra and my sweet stage partner, Andrea, all of them made for a great performance, backing up any and all of my actions with no fear. No matter if I was changing the "script" in the last minute to adapt to the "feeling" of the public, none of them doubted a second to react and follow.

Pure musical instinct as in the good old times of my stage life, when talent counted more than PR... I simply loved it! This concert, together with the 2 performances of Otello at the Hungarian State Opera last week, will stay in my memories as one of the most rewarding periods in a long time. Thanks to the Hungarian audience and a special thank you to the super Hungarian musicians! Hope to see you soon... LOVE!




January 2015



What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.  All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.  --  Helen Keller


 José Cura (official)

The new starts with very sad news for me: my singing teacher, he who in the late eighties gave me the basis of my singing technique, for free because I couldn't pay him at that early stage of my career, has just died.

Horacio Amauri was a dear person, with a heart bigger than his large body (we all lovingly knew him as "el gordo", and with a special talent to find exactly what a student needed in order to improve: a rare, almost unique, quality to deal with such an intangible thing as the voice is.

Horacio believed in my singing aptitudes when nobody gave a penny for me as a singer. He gave me lessons 3 and 4 times a week during 2 years and never accepted money from me. When once I said to him that a felt bad not being able to pay him, he replied "a voice like yours comes once every 50 years and I will not be the idiot to let you go for some dirty coins".

Rest in peace, my beloved friend!




November 2014




23 November 2014


World-renowned tenor José Cura, regarded as one of the greatest contemporary voices, returns to Poland after an absence of a few year to perform for a Polish audience at Domu Muzyki i Tańca in Zabrze.

Arias, operettas, songs and instrumental pieces were heard on a Zabrze stage On Saturday evening, 22 November.  José Cura was responsible for them, conducting the orchestra for most of the evening for tenor Bogusław Mórka and singer Agnieszka Kozłowska.  The soloists were accompanied by Cracow Event Orchestra.

Music lovers listened to famous opera arias, including “Libiamo’ from the opera La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, ‘Aria of Cavaradossi’ from Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, and ‘Waltz Juliet’ ('Je veux vivre' ) from the opera Romeo and Juliet by Charles Gounod.  The soloists also performed songs from the operetta Giuditta by Franz Lehar and Neapolitan and Lain songs, among others, ‘O solo mio’ and ‘Besame mucho.’

The orchestra also played a couple of tunes (some under the director of Sebastian Perłowskiego), including the overture from the opera La forza del destino by Verdi and Symphonic Tango by Astor Piazzolla.  José Cura mentioned during the concert that the latter was being performed in Poland for the first time.

José Cura was born in Argentina.  For years, he has performed the lead role in the most important theaters and opera houses in the world, although his career began with conducting, which he continues today.  In Poland, Cura gained  popularity with the release of the album Song of Love, which he recorded with soprano  Ewa Malas-Godlewska.  He was the principal guest conductor of the Polish orchestra Sinfonia Varsovia from 2001 through 2004. 




José Cura Recital at the Monte-Carlo Opera

Argentina will be in the spotlight at an evening performance on 2 December 2014


Following the success of Stiffelio in 2013, José Cura is returning to the stage of the Monte-Carlo Opera for a unique evening concert.

As well as portraying the relationship between the poet Pablo Neruda and Matilde Urrutia, the love of [Neruda's] life, José Cura offers a poetic exploration of Argentinean music.

José Cura Evening at the Monte-Carlo Opera

Tuesday 2 December 2014
Piano Kristin Okerlund
Narrator Anthéa Sogno

For full info, see:





Flórez, Vargas and Cura Star in the New Season of the Teatro alla Scala


20 November 2014


Rome, November 20 (EFE) .- Three of the greatest voices in the world of opera Juan Diego Flórez, Ramón Vargas and José Cura will star in the upcoming opera season at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, which opens with Maestro Daniel Barenboim conducting  Fidelio by Ludwig Van Beethoven, as reported in a statement made by the institution.

The Teatro alla Scala in Milan season beings on December 7 with Fidelio conducted by Barenboim.  It continues through the beginning July 4, 2015 when the public can enjoy listening to the Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Flórez, who, along with the other two tenors Gregory Kunde and Edgardi Rocha, will perform in Gioachino Rossini’s Otello.

But the new season will be full of familiar names and classics like Carmen by Georges Bizet, with the Argentine tenor José Cura and the Latvian mezzo Elina Garanca in the leading roles.

It will be August 19 when Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel takes the leadership of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Simon Bolivar of Venezuela to direct La Bohčme by Giacomo Puccini.  In the play, which was first shown in 1896, will involve first-order voices like Vargas, but also the Italian soprano Maria Agresta or (alternate) Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo.


"I am a very pensive person. Some people think singers are like the characters they portrays on stage. That happens to many persons whose career, whose work, is based on representing somebody else. (…) I am
a very pensive and peaceful person. Today I’m turning 51. When you approach a certain age at which you are not old, but not young anymore, to be pensive, to have wisdom is one of the most beautiful things to achieve."  José Cura



23 November 2014

Just back from the concert in Zabrze. A very traumatic experience that has ended in a good way thanks to my nice colleagues, Boguslaw and Agneska, and to the beautiful and super professional musicians of the orchestra that was put together for the occasion.

Apart from that, the whole journey has been a sort of punishment from the beginning, with missing scores, wrong music, illegible printings, ...bad working conditions, etc. We couldn't give away the printed program as, in the last minute, we had to improvise the concert due to the problems with the orchestra music. I was supposed to sing Ridi Pagliaccio and Nessun dorma also, and I could not sing them because the orchestra scores were wrong.

Anyhow, a huge THANK YOU to the public for loving us the same, to the orchestra for its professionalism, to my colleagues for being so sportive in such a situation, and a special mention to the enormous work the orchestra coordinator, Ewa, who almost killed herself working to find solutions.




I am about to leave Stockholm where I came for the presentation of my new production of Bohčme in November 2015.

Working at the Swedish Royal Opera is a real treat: everybody, from the smallest employee to the intendant of the house (tech...nics, make-up, costumes, props, artistic masses and ensemble, administration, etc) is part of a very well oiled and harmonic family, which goal is to put on stage the best possible show. Even the stage door's guard stopped us yesterday to express congratulations for our concept presentaton, saying she couldn't wait to watch the development of the rehearsals and to see the show; something indeed not usual that proves de degree of involvement that everyone has in this house.

My deepest compliments to the RSO and a HUGE THANK YOU!


PS: attached a picture choosing a table in the "fantasy land" of the props deposit.










José Cura to Perform Otello at the State Opera



Prague Post

01 November 2014

 Famed opera star will make two appearances in the Verdi opera

One of the most sought after contemporary tenors will perform in a production of the State Opera for the first time. José Cura accepted the offer from the director of the National Theatre Jan Burian and director of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera Silvie Hroncová to perform the title role of Giuseppe Verdi's opera Otello on Thursday, Jan. 29, and Tuesday, Feb.24, 2015.

 The opera will be conducted by Music Director of the State Opera Martin Leginus. In the first cast, the role of Desdemona will be sung by Eva Hornyáková and Jago by Dalibor Jenis. Pavla Vykopalová and Ivan Kusnjer will take over these roles in the following performance in February.

With this, the National Theatre is fulfilling its promise to offer its subscribers the greatest experiences including stars of international reputation. Ticket sales for both performances are now on sale. Ticket prices range from Kč 690–1,950.

One of the last performances of the famous tenor and conductor includes the character Dick Johnson at the Vienna State Opera in September this year. His greatest success, however, was with Otello, where in the past two years he has sang in Buenos Aires, Vienna, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York under the baton of Alain Martinoglu and the Deutsche Oper Berlin with conductor Donald Runnicles and direction by Andreas Kriegenburg.

During the beginning of this season, the State Opera introduced several debuts in the leading roles of its repertory productions: Yukiko Šrejmová Kinjo as Gilda in Verdi's Rigoletto, and Viktor Schirrmacher appeared as the Duke in the same production. Eva Hornyáková shone as Violetta Valéry in Verdi's La traviata, the role of Rusalka starred Alžběta Poláčková, the new Rosina in The Barber of Seville was performed by Michaela Kapustová and Christina Vasileva will return to the role of Leonora after three years. The premiere of Strauss' Salome last week has also received extraordinary reviews with Gun-Brit Barkmin performing the title role, musical preparation by Heiko Matthias Förster and directed by Mariusz Treliński.

The performance of José Cura in the production of Giuseppe Verdi's Otello, directed by Dominic Neuner will take place in Prague thanks to the support of Bohemian Heritage Fund.









State Opera




Otello (confirmed)

State Opera



I am glad to confirm the Otello performances in Prague the 29th January and the 24th February 2015. Although I have performed with the State Opera in tour (Aida in Japan 2001), it is the first time I will perform a full opera in Prague.

Warning: I know that, even if my presence has only now been confirmed, the box office is quickly running out tickets so, if ever you are planning to come, don't wait a minute or you'll stay out...






October 2014


Historic Premier!

Cura's announcement on his official Face Book page:


José Cura (official)

October 20

It is with big humility but enormous pride that I announce the World Premiere of my Stabat Mater next October 31st in Cesky Budejovice. The Stabat Mater is part of a longer oratorio, written in 1987, one year before the birth of my first child. It has never been performed until now, when my friend Mario De Rose and his Theater told me they would love to perform some of my early compositions. I am trembling with expectations and curiosity, since almost 30 years has passed since I wrote The Stabat Mater and with them, lots of things has changed in my way of composing. Thanks to Mario and his ensemble for this very special moment in my life.


Cura’s Stabat Mater will debut in Ceske Budejovice


October 25, 2014

[Gist translation]

The world premiere of Stabat Mater, the work of composer, singer and conductor José Cura, will be heard Friday. It will be presented as part of an evening of music for souls at the Cathedral of St Nicholas in
České Budějovice before the public holiday for the dead, performed under the baton of the music director of the Opera Theatre of South Bohemia, Maria De Rose.
“This original program consists of two spiritual songs that are separated by more than 220 years by composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) and José Cura (1962 -),” said Bohemian Th
eatre director Jiří Šestá   
The Mozart Requiem is one of the most beautiful masses for the dead in the history of music and also the most mysterious song of this kind, a magnificent reflection on the transience of life’s journey.  The work of tenor José Cura was inspired by one the Catholic Liturgy sequences
attributed to the Franciscan Jacopone da Todi; the sorrowful words express the mother’s pain over the loss of her son. 

“The composition of the Stabat Mater is part of a larger oratorio by Cura, Ecce homo.   The date on the sheet music bears the date of 1988 so it is a work of a twenty-six year old composer,” said Šesták.

The concert will take place in the presence of composer Cura on October 31, starting at 19:30.



José Cura will be at the premiere of his composition in České Budějovice


Jihoceske Divadlo

Markéta Jůzová and František Řihout

23 October 2014

[Gist translation]

On the eve of the Feast of the Dead, on Friday, 31 October 2014 at 1930 at St Nicholas Cathedral, will be an original performance of music for the soul under the baton of Music Director Mario de Rose consisting of two spiritual works—the Requiem by W A Mozart and the Stabat Mater by world famous opera star José Cura, who will personally take part in the festive event.


World famous Argentine tenor José Cura has used his charisma, talent, performance skills and directness to wins the hearts of audience and critics alike.  Following the study of composition and conducting in Argentina, work in the chorus and a move to Italy, he made his extraordinary debut at the age of 30 in Verona.  In his dazzling career he has sung on many famous stages, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, in London, La Scala and the Vienna State Opera.  In the music world, he is nicknamed the “King of Versimo,” embodies many of opera’s greatest roles and is considered one of the best tenors of his generation. Cura has become a musical icon of the 21st century and has expanded significantly into the world culture not only as a singer but also as a conductor, a photography, a guitar player, a director, a stage designer and last but not least, a composer.  

We in the Czech Republic will be the first to witness the birth of the presentation of Cura’s Stabat Mater composition, inspired by one of the most important sequences of the Catholic liturgy.  The author of the text from the 13th century is believed to have been Jacopone da Todi, an Italian Franciscan, lawyer and poet.   Cura set the music very carefully and with great understanding.  The song has special expressive force and meditative concentration.  It has an inner depth and melodic sweetness.  Despite the fragile moments of silence the piece culminates in majestic dimension, in which the mournful and painful emotions swell into the celebratory singing of Gloria.

José Cura is the composer of a more extensive oratorio Ecce homo / Behold the man, which he composed at the age of 26.  Part of that oratorio – the Stabat Mater – is being present at this world premiere.  The well-known biblical statement from the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate, ecce homo, addressed Jesus prior to his execution and has been an inspiration for many artistic disciplines.


So let us first with José Cura and then with WA Mozart dream away the mystery of the birth, life, and death of man, the strength of spirit, infinity, space, order and chaos of the universe…

Cura with author of above article....







State Opera



Booking has not yet started.



8 & 11


Hungarian State Theater








 22, 24, & 28


La Scala




May 3

Concert (Opera Arias)

 Gyor Multifunctional Arena Gyor



Concert (Symphonic: Mahler 2ş Symphony )

Nowy Sacz



23 & 26


Hessisches Staatstheater




Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)
In italienischer Sprache Mit deutschen Übertiteln

Melodramma in drei Akten | Libretto: Giuseppe Giacosa und Luigi Illica, nach dem Drama von Victorien Sardou | Uraufführung: 1900 in Rom

Musikalische Leitung Will Humburg
Inszenierung Sandra Leupold
Spielleitung N.N.
Bühne Tom Musch

Floria Tosca Adina Aaron
Mario Cavaradossi José Cura
Scarpia Samuel Youn
Cesare Angelotti Young Doo Park
Der Mesner Wolf Matthias Friedrich
Spoletta Benedikt Nawrath

Note:  Tickets are currently on sale.  José Cura will perform in only two performances (23 and 26 May) and very few seats remain available, especially for the opening night, which is the Gala performance.

Here are the ticket links:


For 23 May (Gala):

For 26 May:





14, 17, 18, 19 & 21

Cavalleria rusticana / Pagliacci

Teatro Colon

Buenos Aires


José Cura is recreating his brilliant Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci in the city that inspired him!  Weaving a colorful tapestry of infidelity, betrayal and murder against the backdrop of Buenos Aíres famous Caminito', Cura will stage and direct both operas and sing the role of Canio in Pagliacci.  In doing so, the multi-talented Cura pays tribute to the country of his youth and the opera lovers of his maturity.  Bravo!



9, 11 & 13

Samson et Dalila





La Bohčme (director only)





September 2014


Return to La Scala! 

José Cura will star as Don José with Elina Garanča as Carmen in the La Scala production of Bizet's masterpiece.



Don José  -  José Cura

Escamillo  -  Artur Ruciński

Carmen  -  Elīna Garanča

Micaëla  -  Elena Mosuc




Return to Teatro Colón

José Cura will travel to Argentina in July 2015 to stage and star in his brilliant production of Cavalleria rusticana and Pagliacci at Teatro ColónContemporary yet timeless, Cura's innovative combination of two intimate operas into a single, continuing tale of a village and its people is set in the Caminito area of Buenos Aires, making it the perfect gift to his homeland.  Don't miss the chance to see this critically acclaimed production!



New Production of La bohčme  in Stockholm

He may not be on stage singing the role of Rodolfo as he has in the past but José Cura's dynamic presence will be felt throughout this brand new production of Puccini's great tragedy.  From staging to costume, directing to coaching, Cura is sure to offer a delightful new take on the classic.  Plan to spend time in Stockholm in November 2015 to experience the creativity, the insight, and the originality of La bohčme as envisioned by José Cura.


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